Sunday, December 12, 2010

i mis this moment.. :-(

Ok.. Let's continue our journey in my blog.. hehe.. that was so good to be seen this picture (editing by me ).. but not all of my friend is here in this picture , just only a few them.. hehe.. so sory about that... to the next posted, i'll try my best to put them soon.

Our Last Stock For This Month.. hahaha (0_o)

O.M.G !!! our AJINAMTO and SUGAR is out of stock.. ( p pinjam d piza hut giant sandakan ) . . haha . . everything must be complete before jan 2011.. so.. where i can find my " modal ".. haha..
my pocket money already finished . . owh no.. i've no idea bout that . . my head spining around think about this . . hah !! ist not a small problem " u know " . . haha . . our rice is just left one "put" only.. arghh !!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

University Apartment 2 , Sepangar Kota Kinabalu

this is the place that i live now...alright, let's talk about this place...are these place interesting?hehe, for me actually no so many interesting in here...The only one to make us to throw away our boring is just going to swimming pool . . and beside the swimming pool , there has one playgrund there. . there's no market r shop around here . . only one market have . . but it is just to far from here we called the market ( PRL ) stands for Pasaraya Lintas . . haha..

please welcome our judges !!! haha..

This is the person who has created this nice blog.. LOL.. anyway thanks so much for who being seeing my bloger even its not a perfect but so nice to see ( i hope ) haha. . actualy im so jelous to seeing my brother bloger.. it was so creative bloger i've been seen now..haha... i've to work harder for improving my bloger from time to time to make it more creative then my brother.. hahaha... so PP u better watch out !!!
lastly... i hope your guys will enjoy to seeing my bloger . . . . .