Monday, July 23, 2012

... my journey.

wahhh.. its been a long time, almost forget i hve my own blog..  hehe.. nvm!
that was so many things happen to me.. i just go trough it until today.. it almost 2 years i did'nt write any journey on my life in here.. so now, im going to write a few of the vital moment.. i did'nt ask u guys to read it until to the end.. if u gys want to read it,why not? hehe.. so lets start its!!!!!

 about this place.. UNIVERSITI APARMENT II

i had taken this picture from the third floor at block f..

the story : when i was first time in here, i was placed by the management of my colleg at f2-3.. and thn after a few month living on that unit..we had a study trip to going to KUALA LUMPUR for about 3 month.. ( i will talk about KL on my next post ) .
after the 3 month of my study trip, im back to this place and, on the spot we have to moving out from that unit.. what a rush.. we just reach this placed at 8 oclock.. than we have to pick our stuff to go to the new unit.. i lost my stuffs, bcause the others student has pick it for me.. but they forget where they placed it.. nvm ones again!


new hostel

to compare between my ex unit and this unit its very2 different.. this unit is more comfortble thn the ex.. even it far from the gate where we have to wait the bus, but the environment is very2 cool. this unit its located at block j where is the most bottom floor..haha. there is no need to climb anymore..hehe.
not only that the best about this unit.. the temperature also make me so cofortable with this house,  so cool.. we dont hve to get a new fan..
about my new housemet, they so owssome just like me..haha.. nice for being thier friend, friendly, funny, and the most important things is they are so creative.. but the joy its not remain on us.. the management on our colleg asking us to moving out from that unit, after a year we stay together..
we are seperated on block E..


My latest hostel..

i have my right to choose where i want to stay, before i choose to stay on this unit, i was placed by the management to stay on one unit that i dont even know  who living on there.. i know a few people on this unit.. there so good to me.. i choose to live here because of them.. they can except evrythng about me.. to compared the house between the ex and the new.. i think there is not to much different.. all is same as the ex unit.. so far im happy living in here.. hope it will be permenant to stay here..